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FALL 2015


FALL 2014

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Winter 2016: Full Catalogue

1/17/16 Strong, Michael Lou Gehrig’s Disease: New Insights into its Molecular Basis
1/24/16 Gaensler, Bryan  The Dishes, The Desert, and The Dawn of the Universe
1/31/16 Heffernan, Jane  The Mathematics of Infectious Diseases
2/4/16  Neethirajan, Suresh  Good Things Come in Small Packages: Rapid Detection of Avian Flu
2/7/16  Fletcher, Chris  2100: A Climate Odyssey: Computing Earth’s Future Climate
2/14/16  Scott, Catherine From Web-based Personal Ads to Sex Under Silk Sheets: Courtship and Communication in Black Widows
2/21/16  Hidalgo, César Seven Tools to Transform Data into Stories
2/28/16  Knox, Ken State of the Nation: Canada’s Science & Technology Innovation System
3/3/16  Bercik, Premsyl  The Gut-Brain Axis: Connecting Microbiota and Depression
3/3/16  Desprès, Charles  Feeding the World by Boosting Crop Health

Fall 2015: Full Catalogue

10/1/15 Knaap, Wade True Crime – The Science of Crime Scene Investigation
10/18/15 Barrett, Spencer Evolution of Plant Sexual Diversity: Natural History to Genomics
McGeer, Allison The Earth is Flat and Vaccines Cause Autism: Think About It
11/1/15 Zeller, Frauke & Harris-Smith, David
hitchBOT – A Cultural Robotics Project
11/5/15 Poisson, Eric Riding the tide on Black Holes
11/8/15 Charles, Trevor Genome Engineering: Should We do It? (Can We Afford Not To?)
11/22/15 Schoellig, Angela Revolution in Robotics: Will the Next Robot Be for You?
11/30/15 Sharma, Shapna Are Fish Populations in Hot Water Because of Climate Change?
12/3/15 Roberts, Siobhan  The Hotspur Property: John Horton Conway

Winter 2015: Full Catalogue

1/11/15 Frey, Brendan Genomes: What Happens When the Recipes Go Wrong?
1/18/15 McInnes, Roderick Genetics and the Future of Medicine: Promises Realized, Promises Vain
Ansari, Daniel
The Calculating Brain: Development, Enculturation and Individual Differences
2/1/15 Norris, Ryan
Across International Boundaries: Tracking Birds and Butterflies
2/5/15 Price, Steven Birds, Bytes and Breakthrough Technology
2/8/15 Park, Robert W. Lost Explorers: The Archaeology of John Franklin’s Last Expedition
2/15/15 Lim, Andrew Keeping Time: Morning Larks, Night Owls and Circadian Rhythms
2/22/15 Gellert, Ralf Roving the Solar System: Exploring from Afar
 3/5/15  Vartanian, Oshin  Architecture, Design and the Brain: The Neuroscience of Space Appreciation
 3/5/15  Miller, Eric  Towards Transportation Sustainability: The Need for a Third Urban Revolution

Fall 2014: Full Catalogue

10/19/14 Caron, Jean-Bernard Frozen in Time: New Finds from the Cambrian Explosion
10/26/14 Saari, Don Voting: How Can It Go So Wrong?
11/2/14 Spiers, Graham Mining Issues Move North 
11/6/14 Revers, Leigh (Mis) Adventures in the Biotech Trade
11/9/14 Jenkins, David How to Feed 9 Billion
11/23/14 Campbell, Lesley How Does the Evolutionary Ecology of Cannabis Influence Your Health?
11/27/14 Doolittle, Ford  Getting “Function” Right: Why Genomics Needs Philosophy (Foundation Lecture)
11/30/14 Caruso, Arnaldo* CANCELLED Theraputic Immunization: A Novel Approach to Treat HIV-1 Affected Patients
 12/4/14  Wilson, Christine  Unveiling the Hidden Universe with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array

Winter 2014

1/12/14 Szostak, Jack The Origin of Life *With Gairdner Foundation
1/18/14 Koivisto, Bryan Pugging into the Sun: How the Next Generation of Photovoltaics will Light up your Life
1/26/14 Williamson, RF The First 12,000 years: Preserving Toronto’s Unwritten History
2/2/14 Wagon, Stan Algorithmic Thinking in Mathematics
2/6/14 Vasseur, Liette Climate Change Heads to the Coast: Managing Ecosystems at the Water’s Edge
2/9/14 Brown, Peter G. The Chelyabinsk Airburst Decoded: Impact Hazards from Small Asteroid
2/16/14 Zayed, Amro Born a Queen or Born a Worker? Genes, Brains and Behaviour of Honey Bees.
2/23/14 Haas, Christian  The State of the Arctic Sea
1/26/14 Kingsburgh, Morris, Goldberg, Menary & Clarke When Art Meets Science: Broadening Horizons through Interdisciplinary Practice – A Discussion
4/3/14 Barzda, Virginijus Voyage into the Living Cell: Advanced Microscopy of the Nanoworld

Fall2013 Lectures

10/03/13 Love, Peter Canada’s and Mississauga’s Changing Climate and What You Can Do
10/20/13 Brindle, Ian Safety in Numbers: How Analytical Chemistry Impacts Our Wellbeing
10/27/13 Firrao, Donato Science and Forensic Investigations on Aircraft Crashes
11/07/13 Fehr, Carla Ignorance and Evolution: The Science of Women and Men, Sex and Work
11/10/13 Wright, Gerry Antibiotics and Resistance, the Red Queen Strikes Again
11/17/13 Liu, Guojun Block Copolymer Architectural Materials for Addressing Today’s Challenges
11/24/13 Antonescu, Costin N. The Interior Design of the Cell Surface
11/26/13 Scholes, Gregory D. NSERC RCI Foundation Lecture: Photosynthetic Machines: Why nature Is astounding
12/01/13 Stuss, Donald T. Cogito ergo sum socius: I think therefore I am social
12/05/13 Murphy, Jennifer Nitrogen in the Environment: Climate, Cars, and Cattle

Winter 2013

01/13/13 Roberts, Robert Medicine – A Glimpse of the Future
01/20/13 Cook, Stephen ‘P versus not-P’ and the Limits of Computation
01/27/13 Gariepy, Tara Of Pests and Parasites: Modernizing Biological Control with New Tricks of the Trade
02/03/13 Ewins, Peter Rapid Change in the Arctic: Who Wins? Who Loses?
02/10/13 Rousseau, Dérick Why Chocolate Melts in Your Mouth and not in Your Hands
02/17/13 Waker, Anthony Radiation and Life – Taking a Closer Look with Microdosimetry
03/03/13 Bhadra, Sampa Catch Me if you Can: Hunting the Elusive Neutrino
03/07/13 Maly, Ken Exploring the Fourth State of Matter: Making New Liquid Crystalline Materials
03/18/13 Parker, Laura Weighing the Universe with Gravitational Lensing
04/04/13 Andersen, Judith Severe Stress and Physical Health: The Mind-Body Connectio

Fall 2012

10/04/12 Murray, Brian Our Emerging Understanding of the Neurological Basis of Sleep
10/21/12 Easty, Tony Technology in Health Care: Friend or Foe?
10/24/12 Peltier, Richard Global Warming “Futures”: How Reliable are the Model Projections? (FOUNDATION LECTURE)
10/28/12 Phillips, David Is Our Weather Becoming More Extreme?
11/01/12 Lange, Angela The Day of the Locust and its Remarkable Reproductive Success
11/04/12 Kennedy, James Using Pharmacogenetics to Personalize Treatment in the Family Doctor’s Office: Focus on Psychiatric Medications
11/11/12 Miall, Andrew Energy for the Next Generation: A Reality Check
11/18/12 Creelman, C. Douglas Function and Aesthetics of 19th-Century Scientific Apparatus: A Show-and-Tell
11/25/12 Stanley, Sabine Planetary Magnetism: Unlocking the Secrets of Planetary Interiors
12/06/12 Tiidus, Peter Estrogen, HRT and Muscle Health after Menopause

Winter 2012

01/22/12 O’Kelley, Shana Nanotech Tools for Diagnosing Disease
01/29/12 Bialystok, Ellen Reshaping the Mind: The Benefits of Bilingualism
02/02/12 Parker, Paul Green Economy: Fiction or Pathway to Sustainable Development? Evidence from Green Energy
02/05/12 Carlberg, Raymond The Startling Speedup of the Expansion of the Universe
02/12/12 Mendelson, Rena Childhood Obesity: Complex Causes Without Simple Solutions
02/19/12 Penn, Linda The Revolution in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
03/01/12 Wilson, Kathi Examining the Health Impacts of Under and Unemployed Highly-Skilled Recent Immigrants to Canada
03/04/12 Bucchi, Massimiano Of Ducks and Rabbits, Geese, Cats and Dogs: Why Science and Society Don’t Understand Each Other
04/04/12 Goff, Douglas Finding Science in Ice Cream

Fall 2011

10/06/11 Harris, William Creative Reactions to the End of the World
10/16/11 Devlin, Keith Leonardo and Steve: How Fibonacci Beat Apple to Market by 800 Years
10/23/11 Nicoll, Gayle Creating Healthy Lifestyles Through Active Design
10/30/11 Jessup, Philip Can Chemistry Be Green?
11/03/11 Rizvi, Ali A. From Biopsies to Autopsies: Inside the World of Pathology
11/06/11 Toro, Natalia Smash, Bang, Boom! Fundamental Physics at the LHC
11/13/11 Madras, Neal Throw a Million Darts: Mathematical Experiments Using Monte Carlo Methods
11/20/11 Saucier,Deborah What Does Studying Individual Differences Tell Us About the Brain?
11/27/11 Goodale, Melvin Sight Unseen: An Exploration of Conscious and Unconscious Vision
12/01/11 Hinton, Geoffrey How Does the Brain Recognize Shapes? (FOUNDATION LECTURE)

Winter 2011

1/16/11 Cory, Suzanne The Achilles Heel for Cancer? Improving Outcomes by Inducing Apoptosis More Efficiently
1/23/11 Forbes, Shari Forensic Taphonomy: Processes of Decomposition and Mummification
1/30/11 Kumacheva, Eugenia Big Discoveries Made in Small Laboratories-on-a-Chip
2/02/11 Parker, Beth Groundwater Contamination Research and Applications to Source Water Protection
2/06/11 Emerson, Joseph The Quantum World: From Weird to Wired
2/13/11 Bar-Natan, Dror The Hardest Math I’ve Ever Really Used
2/20/11 Odifreddi, Piergeorgio What Can the Arts do for Mathematics?
2/27/11 Marsden, Philip Owner’s Guide to the Human Genome
3/03/11 Orchard, Ian The Kiss of Death: Rhodnius as a Vector of Chagas’ Disease
4/07/11 Burrows, Lori Bacterial Biofilms: The Scum of the Earth

Fall 2010

10/07/10 Dixon, Mike Space Exploration and Technology Transfer: A Role for Canada
10/17/10 Feldman, Seth Charles Darwin: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Transmutation
10/24/10 Fich, Michel Observing the Birthplaces of the Universe
10/31/10 Wolfaardt, Gideon Nuisance and Indispensable Ally: the Dual Role of Bacteria
11/04/10 Halfar, Jochen Tales from a Bering Sea Research Cruise: A Quest for Archives of Past Climates
11/07/10 Dosch, Hans-Michael Does Autoimmunity Drive Obesity?
11/14/10 MacDonald, Suzanne Adventures in Animal Behaviour
11/21/10 Sole, Michael The Importance of Sleep: A Wake-up Call
11/25/10 Brassard, Gilles Quantum Magic For Everyone (FOUNDATION LECTURE)
12/02/10 Dutcher, John Biomaterials from Bacteria: Nature’s Nanotechnology

Winter 2010

1/07/10 Evans, David New Insights into the Paleobiology of Crested Duck-billed Dinosaurs
1/17/10 Dzau, Victor Rejuvenating the Failing Heart
1/24/10 Peltier, W. Richard The Lowdown on the Meltdown: Global Warming From Space
1/31/10 Pearlman, Ronald Emerging Regulatory Paradigms in Biology; The Histone Code,
Epigenetics, and Novel Regulatory RNAs
2/04/10 Anvari, Mehran Star Trek Vision of Surgical Care
2/07/10 Murty, Kumar The Mathematics of Life
2/14/10 Stuerzlinger, Wolfgang Is the Minority Report Right? Reflections on 3D User Interfaces
2/28/10 Sills, Alison Secrets from the Stellar Nursery
3/04/10 Rowe, Locke Conflict and Convergence in the Evolution of Sexual Differences

Fall 2009

10/01/09 Singh, Sheila Why Cancer Stem Cells Matter to Patients With Brain Tumours
10/25/09 Sekuler, Allison The Amazing, Changing, Aging Brain
11/01/09 Onley, David The Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario and Honorary Vice-Patron of the RCI congratulates the RCI on its 160th anniversary
11/01/09 Bond, J. Richard The Weighty Matter of the Cosmos
11/05/09 Polivy, Janet Dieting In The Face Of Plenty: Why Diets Fail
11/08/09 Thompson, Paul Contemporary Evolutionary Theory:
The Conceptual Foundation of Modern Biology
1/12/09 Corkum, Paul Catching Electrons in Attoseconds (FOUNDATION LECTURE)
11/15/09 Bahat, Dan The History of the Fourth (!) Temple in Jerusalem
11/22/09 Rajcan, Istvan Plant Breeding: Bringing Science to an Ancient Skill
12/03/09 Sargeant, Jan All Creatures…and People Too: Veterinary Medicine and Public Health From
12/06/09 Aspect, Alain From Einstein’s Photon to Wheeler’s Delayed Choice Experiment:
Wave-Particle Duality Brought to Light (STOICHEFF LECTURE)

Winter 2009

1/18/09 Hayden, Michael Personalized Medicine: Hype or Hope, Canadian Perspectives
1/25/09 Anderson, Gail Murder and Maggots
2/01/09 Welch, Doug Echoes of Historical Supernovae
2/08/09 Siu, Michael Protein Biomarkers: Their Use in Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis
2/15/09 McIntosh, A. Randal The Benefits of a Noisy Brain
2/22/09 Stutchbury, Bridget Why Are Songbirds Disappearing?
3/01/09 Diacu, Florin Before Tragedy Strikes: The Quest to Predict Megadisasters

Fall 2008

10/19/08 Tunnicliffe, Verena Deep Ocean Discoveries: Fire, Ice and Life on the Sea Floor
10/26/08 Packer, Laurence Losing the Buzz: The Disappearance of Bees and Why it Matters
11/02/08 Simpson, Myrna and André Using Big Magnets to Understand Environmental Contamination
11/09/08 Wright, Margaret Coping With Impossible Problems
11/16/08 Lapierre, Ray How Semiconductor Grass Will Solve the Energy Crisis
11/23/08 Victor, Peter Managing Without Growth: Slower By Design, Not Disaster
12/14/08 Willner, Alan Optical Communications – Innovations (and their Needs) Abound

Winter 2008

1/20/08 Taylor, Wendy Unlocking the Mystery of Mass: Searching for the Higgs Boson Particle
1/27/08 Yeomans, John Brain Rewards: From Singing Mice to Human Diseases
2/03/08 Dick, John E. Getting to the Root of Cancer
2/10/08 Moore, G. W. Kent Flying Through Storms: Greenland’s Impact on the Climate System
2/17/08 Diamond, Miriam How Did That Chemical that was Inside my Computer Get Inside of Me?
2/24/08 Godt, Dorothea Sticky Fingers Sharpen our Sense of Hearing – Understanding the Causes of Deafness
3/02/08 Fraser, Craig G. Three Centuries of Leonhard Euler

Fall 2007

10/21/07 Wilson, Christine Beyond the Visible Universe: Dark Clouds, Galaxy Collisions, and the Origin of Stars
10/28/07 Roumani, Hamzeh The Science in Computer Science: A Journey Through Abstractions
11/04/07 Nagy, Andras Embryonic Stem Cells: Misconceptions, Hypes and Promises
11/11/07 Whiteley, Walter Mathematics with Eye and Hand: Applied Practices and Proposals for Education
11/18/07 Schwarcz, Joseph A. Hey! There Are Cockroaches in My Chocolate Ice Cream!
11/25/07 Percy, Maire Alzheimer’s Disease: Current Perspectives on Causes, Treatments and Possible Prevention
12/02/07 Knox, Wayne H. Optics from 3000 BC to 3000 AD: The Amazing History and Exciting Future of Optical Science and Technology (STOICHEFF LECTURE)

Winter 2007

1/21/07 Low, Donald E. The Threat of Avian Influenza
1/28/07 Jefferies, Robert L. The Embarrassment of Riches: the Ecological Consequences of Increasing Numbers of Arctic Geese
2/04/07 Golubitsky, Martin Patterns, Patterns Everywhere
2/11/07 Hudak, Katalin Novel Therapies for Viral Infection
2/18/07 Frise, Peter R. University Automotive Research as an Asset for Canada
2/25/07 Fehlings, Michael G. Regeneration of the Injured Spinal Cord: Pipe Dream or Reality?
3/04/07 Thompson, R. Paul Cultural Acceleration of the Biological Evolution of Behaviour: A Population Genetic Model

Fall 2006

10/15/06 Rogers, Ian  Stem Cells: The Possibilities for Regenerative Cell Therapy
10/22/06 Pedretti, Erminia  Science, Technology and the Environment: Education for the New Millennium
10/29/06 Rosenthal, Jeffrey S. The Curious World of Probabilities
11/05/06 Peterson, Jordan B. Music and the Patterns of the Mind and World
11/12/06 Varmuza, Susannah Merging the Nature/Nurture Dichotomy
11/19/06 Sheikh, Shamin A. Earthquake Hazards and their Mitigation
12/10/06 Phillips, David  A Little Light Relief: the Science of Photo Medicine (STOICHEFF LECTURE)

Winter 2006

1/22/06 Lovric, Miroslav Infinity: The Most Fascinating of All Ideas
1/29/06 Polnar, Hendrik The Benefit of Time Travel: DNA from Fossils
2/05/06 Edwards, Elizabeth A. Groundwater Contamination and Remediation: Myths and Realities
2/12/06 Zee, Robert E. The MOST Space Telescope: Big Science on a Small Platform
2/19/06 Krull, Ulrich J. Know Your Genes: DNA Diagnostics for Everyone
2/26/06 Miller, R. J. Dwayne Making the Molecular Movie: The Great Thought Experiment Becomes Reality
3/05/06 Chamberlain, Clive Malignant Angels: Reflections on Homicidal Youth

Fall 2005

10/16/05 Sargent, Ted The Dance of Molecules: Nanotechnology is Choreography
10/23/05 Miller, Freda The Search for Accessible Adult Stem Cells
10/30/05 Jayawardhana, Ray New Worlds in the Making: Origins of Planets and Brown Dwarfs
11/06/05 Simor, Andrew E. Avian Influenza: Not Just for the Birds!
11/13/05 Edwards, Aled  The Human Genome, Industry, and the Public Good
10/20/05 Taylor, Jean E. From Soap Bubbles to Crystal Growth