The RCI is Canada’s oldest scientific society. We envision a scientifically literate and well informed Canadian public which embraces science as part of its culture and decision-making contributing to civil society. We work to enhance public awareness and understanding of science and to create an environment in which science can flourish, be appreciated, and contribute to all aspects of Canadian life and society. To read more about the RCI and its history, please visit the About Us page.

  • RCIScience is Hiring!

    We are looking for an Events Coordinator:

    The Royal Canadian Institute for Science (RCIScience) is one of Canada’s oldest scientific organizations. For over 167 years, RCIScience has been providing opportunities for Canadians to hear about emerging science directly from the scientists through free live lectures, for on-line webcasts, and through other events.

    The RCIScience is Events Coordinator is responsible for undertaking a variety tasks relating to planning and organizing RCIScience programs and activities in support of the RCIScience mission. This job will include Event Planning, Event Communications and Event Management. The job is part-time temporary until February 28, 2017, with the possibility of extension.

    Please send a resume and cover letter to:

    Please send applications by August 19, 2016.

    More details:
    RCIScience Event Coordinator 2016 07 27



    Noted Canadian science journalist, Ivan Semeniuk, has been awarded the 2016 Fleming Medal and Citation from the Royal Canadian Institute for Science (RCIScience). The award recognizes Ivan’s outstanding contributions to the public understanding of science.

    Ivan’s long career in science communication includes television, print journalism, features to news pieces as well as public presentations and demonstrations.

    Ivan has been an instructor/researcher at the Ontario Science Centre, Producer/columnist at Discovery Channel Canada, senior correspondent with two of the highest-impact science publications in the world (Nature and New Scientist), writer/host of the TV series Cosmic Vistas, for the last three years as science reporter for the Globe and Mail, “Canada’s national newspaper”, through numerous freelance articles, conference presentations, workshops, and public lectures, and through his on-line presence.

    The Globe and Mail Editor in Chief, David Walmsley, said, “In Ivan Semeniuk, The Globe and mail has a world-class science correspondent who travels the world and outer space with his pen and his mind. His clarity of writing across a broad range of scientific topics from biology, to astronomy, to chemistry creates an accessible understanding of our planet and galaxy.”

    Current RCIScience President, Helle Tosine, “Ivan’s work bringing global scientific discovery to Canadians and Canadian discoveries to the world reflects exactly what Sir Sandford Fleming created the Royal Canadian Institute to do. We congratulate him on this achievement and hope that he will continue this important work for many years to come.”

    RCIScience is a platform for public engagement with leading scientists, featuring free live lectures and panel discussions and an extensive online archive. Founded in 1849, RCIScience is among the oldest societies of any kind in Canada. For 167 years, we have worked towards the goal of an informed public that embraces science to build a stronger Canada.

    We recognize excellent in Canadian science outreach with two awards: the Sandford Fleming Medal & Citation and the William Edmond Logan Award. The Fleming Medal is named for RCIScience’s founder, Sir Sandford Fleming, noted engineer, surveyor and inventor of Standard Time. The Fleming Medal has been awarded since 1982 and notable past winners include Dr. John Polanyi, Chris Hadfield, Bob McDonald and Patterson Hume.

    The Fleming Medal and Citation will be presented at a special ceremony in November.

  • RCIScience Annual General Meeting – Thursday, May 19

    RCIScience Members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting, Thursday, May 19 at Croft Chapter House & Rm 179, University College, University of Toronto St. George Campus., 7:30 PM.

    The meeting features an update from RCIScience Council and a lecture from Dr. Kamiel Gabriel, Founding Associate Provost, Research & Graduate Programs, Professor of Engineering & Applied Sciences, UOIT. Dr. Gabriel will speak on his book, The Anatomy of Innovation.

    The meeting is followed by a wine & cheese reception.

    Members please RSVP to:

    Note: We apologize for an error in the mailed invitation. The meeting is Thursday, May 19.

  • Sanofi Pasteur Limited Winner of 2016 William Edmond Logan Award

    SANOFI_PASTEUR_HIGH jpegSanofi Pasteur Limited Wins RCIS Award for Science Outreach

    Sanofi Pasteur Limited receives the William Edmond Logan Award from the Royal Canadian Institute for Science (RCIS). The award recognizes the organization’s outstanding contributions to the public understanding of science.

    Sanofi Pasteur Limited receives the Award in recognition of Sanofi BioGenius Canada (SBC), a high school biotechnology competition for which it is the founding and lead sponsor. Over more than two decades, the SBC has helped over 4,000 high school and CEGEP students pursue real-world scientific research projects that have been the launch pads to future biotechnology studies and careers. The program is delivered in partnership with Partners in Research, national coordinator for the SBC since 2013.

    Having spearheaded the competition more than two decades ago, Mark Lievonen, Canada Country Chair and General Manager, Sanofi Pasteur, said the recognition is very meaningful. “We are proud that our organization fosters the talent of young Canadians through the SBC. For these efforts to be acknowledged by a respected institute like the RCIS is much appreciated.”

    Current RCIS President, Helle Tosine, said, “We are delighted to present this award to Sanofi Pasteur Limited, a company with a long history of using science for the benefit of Canadians through its vaccines, and a strong tradition of fostering a love of science among secondary students.”

    Like RCIS, Sanofi Pasteur Limited has a long history. Founded in 1914 as Connaught Laboratories, the company has researched and developed vaccines ranging from diphtheria to acellular pertussis. Today, Sanofi Pasteur Limited is the country’s only full-scale vaccine company.

    The RCIS is a platform for public engagement with leading scientists, featuring free live lectures and panel discussions and an extensive online archive. Founded in 1849, RCIS is among the oldest societies of any kind in Canada. For 167 years, we have worked towards the goal of an informed public that embraces science to build a stronger Canada.

    We recognize excellence in Canadian science outreach with two awards: the Fleming Medal and the William Edmond Logan Award. William Edmond Logan was the Institute’s 3rd President and presided over the granting of its Royal Charter from Queen Victoria. He is also the namesake of Canada’s tallest mountain, Mt. Logan, and founder of the Geological Survey of Canada.

    The William Edmond Logan Award will be presented at the 11th Annual RCIS Canadian Science Dinner, on the evening of April 21, 2016 at MaRS in Toronto. This unique and exciting evening gives an opportunity to talk science with some of Canada’s top researchers and science policy experts.

    Location: award will be presented at the Royal Canadian Institute for Science’s 11th Annual Science Dinner, MaRS Auditorium, Toronto, Thursday, April 21, 7 PM.

  • RCIS 2016 Canadian Science Gala Dinner

    FeedFeedYourLogo-220x300 Your Inner Einstein!

    Eat, drink and celebrate science!

    Thursday, April 21, 2016
    6:00 pm to 9:30 pm

    MaRS Discovery District, 101 College Street · Toronto
    Gala Tickets $300 ($250 for RCIS members)

    For tickets:
    Call 416-977-2983 x1


    For more information, visit 2016 RCIS Science Gala Dinner.



  • Canada’s Science & Technology Innovation System

    How doSTIC_1500_SON_Report_e_proof4es Canada rate compare in Science & Technology Innovation? We are pleased to welcome Mr. Ken Knox, Chair of the Science & Technology Innovation Council (STIC) to speak about the recent “State of the Nation” report on this topic.

    WEBCAST now online










  • Congratulations to Spencer Barrett and Peter Victor!

    Spencer BarBarrett_Victor_RSCrett, current RCIS Councillor and Peter Victor, RCIS Past President at the November 2015 meeting of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC).

    Spencer accepted the RSC Flavelle Medal for “an outstanding contribution to biological science during the preceding ten years or for significant additions to a previous outstanding contribution to biological science.”

    Peter Victor was elected as a Fellow of the RSC.





  • Henry G. Friesen International Prize in Health Research Public Forum

    2015 POSTER - English - Friesen Prize Public Forum Lecture - Sir Paul Nurse - December 7, 2015The Royal Canadian Institute for Science, the Friends of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the Banting Research Foundation present the 2015 Friesen Prize winner Sir Paul Nurse in a public forum about discovery science and the creative process. December 7, University of Ottawa.




  • Sigma Xi Society’s Distinguished Lecture Series at UofT

    Featuring fascinating talks in everything from prenatal stress effects on the baby to Thomas Jefferson’s encounter with a dead moose. Hear local scientists and visiting researchers share their work in this free series of talks. This year, with a strong focus on PhD Candidates.
    Visit the Sigma Xi Society website for more information.

    All lectures are at the Ramsey Wright Zoological Labs Building rm 425 (accessed via 25 Harbord St).


  • Congratulations to 2015 Science Scholarship Winners!

    2015 scholarshipwinners_smMatthew Tulio, graduate of St. John Paul Secondary School will attend University of Toronto with a Royal Canadian Institute Science Scholarship.

    Riya Bhatt, graduate of North Albion C.I., will attend York University with a Royal Canadian Institute Science Scholarship.

    Sunaina Saadat (not in photo) graduate of North Albion C.I. will attend McMaster University with a Roy Pearson bursary.

    Congratulations to all 3 exceptional students! Watch for them at future RCIScience events.